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About us.

We LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD by providing small to medium sized builders with access to quality suppliers, along with software and specification processes that can save you 15 to 20 hours per job in administration time.   


We operate a dedicated selection studio, known as Gallerie Studio, located in Port Melbourne, Victoria. Our selection studio holds over 800 square metres of the best brands and products in Australian building. It is the biggest selection centre of its kind.

Accurate Construction Services was established in 2010 with the vision of providing small to medium sized builders access to Interior Design, Estimation & Procurement facilities that are utilised by volume builders.


  • Design – Our Gallerie studio inspires our builder’s client, achieves price upgrade variations, specifies and documents selections in an easy to follow format that is delivered via a custom built program. Gallerie is hosted by qualified Interior Designers.

  • Estimate – ACS provides a pay as you go estimating offer that simplifies the paper-flow of building, saving our members time on the estimating and the supplier quote process with an ease of Purchase Order raising – we can also be a second and third set of eyes for project cost control.

  • Procurement – ACS employs full time procurement that focuses on best supply chain outcomes from industry leading brands and suppliers. The price file is available to our members through cloud based access, keeping pricing always up to the moment while delivering price certainty to our members and savings through our negotiated procurement of over 2,000 homes p/a built by our members.

In addition to the above, we can design a custom product specification tailored to suit your client or project type.

Buying a House

Registered Builder Membership.

As an ACS member, you'll be a part of our Gallerie Builder community where you can provide your clients an inspirational home-selection experience working with our qualified Interior Designers to wow your clients, through a fully documented selection process, at Gallerie Studio.

Register your details below to enquire about ACS membership and receive the following building services:

  • Access & Training for Industry Software

  • Pay-as-you-go Estimating 

  • Interior Design Consultations for your clients, facilitated by a Qualified Interior Designer

  • Specification Documentation

  • Pricing File & Quick Quoting systems

  • Volume Builder Rates

  • Time!

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