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Mark Roach


My work experience ranges from building supply companies, primarily across plumbing distribution and hot water manufacturing.  I left these for a short stint at a medium volume builder which is where we realised the gap for the services we offer at ACS.

I started the company nearly 8 years ago with a small selection facility in the west. As with any small business, my role today is still as diverse as it was back then. However, I now primarily focus on procurement, systems, processes and expansion opportunities.

The industry is constantly changing and our builders customers are much more educated and have a higher level of expectation in service delivery, documentation and communication then previously. Even if they are dealing with a small family-run building business, customers will still expect similar levels of service and price to volume builders.

We understand that ACS is not for everyone. We expect builders who work with us to be able to follow a process, pay on time and above all be good people.

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